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Edgar Juglan

Edgar Juglan was a freaking mess. A fecalphiliac cannibal serial killer, Juglan had a taste for killing young women and stashing them in refrigerators. He argued, however, that this wasn't his fault, for it was his ventrioloquist dummy Charlie that coerced him into doing these acts. Naturally, this got him incarcerated in a mental hospital for the criminally insane. However, while being transported from the court house to the crazy house, the police van capsized and Juglan escaped.

Hiding in a hedge at a nearby park, he ran into a recently-fired Slick Monty. Slick mistook his black-and-white stripes as the colors of a boxing referee and started up a conversation with him. So did Charlie. Terrified of the evil manifestation of himself that came through the dummy, he threw it at Slick and ran off. Later that day, he bumped into Silvan Summers. Silvan also mistook him for a boxing referee and promptly hired him. As he started to give him a tour of Shake it Up, he showed him the fridge which contained an erotic lady cake. This set Juglan off, leading him to grape Silvan and pelt Joey Bagwell with nuts. Later that night, Edgar showed up one more time at the inaugural ventrioloquism show of Slick Monty. Seeing what appeared to be his dummy, now renamed Montague, as well as an unconscious Diane in what appeared to be a refrigerator, was more than he could take. Grabbing a nearby kitchen knife, Edgar Juglan became his final victim.

Edgar Juglan is portrayed by Matthew Muhl.

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