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Anticipation is making you late; is keeping you waiting.
08/29/06, 12:36 PM
The new fall season started on NTTV yesterday and, as such, Elvis and Slick Monty has been shifted around the Schedule. As you can see, it's nothing too drastic. Pretty good, actually, for a show that's still holding onto its season finale from last year.

So what is the progress of the episode? It's nearing completion. Sorry that there's still no airdate (or a tentative one at that), but here's another preview image to turn you off of it entirely:


Before you go, please check out the new Homeless in Denton/Slamfest store, courtesy of our good friends Jeremy Thorn and Sam Respess. If you have yet to discover either show, then head on over to Google Video before you buy any of their merchandise. You'd be silly otherwise.

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go vegetate with my Arrested Development Season Three DVDs.

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Gray Expectations
07/26/06, 08:22 PM
Does anybody still read this? I sure hope so, because if not, you wouldn't know that Elvis and Slick Monty, the NTTV series, has wrapped forever. We finished Saturday night at 11:56 PM with one final outdoors shoot. We've pulled out all the stops for this one, spent nearly a grand on the fucker, and we sincerely hope you all enjoy it. It might not seem like we've been leading up to anything, but oh-hoh, we have. Here are two screencaptures from the episode itself:

When it's revealed that Anderson Tyrone is a transvestite, Silvan Summers finally feels that it's acceptable to declare his love. The two adopt Joey Bagwell and live a happy plantation life.

But there's trouble in paradise when Nixon catches wind of this development and demands that Silvan relinquish his taboo marriage license and move to Massachusetts.

Neither of those captions are accurate... but if you were a member of the fan forum you might have had an opportunity to contribute those very speculations to the series of tubes that make up our website. And please keep the conversation civil... we're not a dumptruck.

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Ceiling masturbatory material!
07/17/06, 09:58 PM
Yet another update, yet more Merchandise. This time it's neither shirt nor sticker but funky fresh wall decor. You'll want to decorate your bedrooms and apartments and treehouses and retirement homes and what have you with this massive mammoth of a poster that features every single character that has been seen on the series (sorry Tina, Joanna Monty, and Osama bin Laden fans). There's even a few characters from the upcoming season finale, so, if you'd like a taste of the spoiler waters, then drink now with your wallet.

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Revising history since 1776.
07/08/06, 10:55 AM
So, I'm back from my month-long Elvis and Slick sabbatical (which actually translates to a slightly reduced amount of work on Elvis and Slick). 205's raw footage is curently being rolled around my sandy editing software as I wait patiently for some kind of pearl to emerge. The season 2 DVDs are also in a preproduction sort of phase. With that in mind, I thought you might like to see a rough version of the Season 2 DVD set's cover:

Of course it'll be changed up a little, but I wanted to get it out there early so it could make its way onto the Merchandise page as the front of a brand new black t-shirt. Buy one, and cover up your innards-a-plenty.

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My new picture is from the next episode, "The Puppet Minstrels."
06/21/06, 02:05 PM
What's up, losers? I bet you wish you had your own television show, don't you? Hah! You're not awesome enough. We'll allow you to share in our glory though, Google Video-style, which is now another home for The Puppet Masters. If that weren't enough to wake you up from your dull, dreary lives, the episode is also embedded on our own site! Yeah, you know Elvis and Slick Monty? I wrote that. I'm such a badass.

Wait, where are you going? Do you want to stay and chat or something? Oh God, don't leave! So... so lonely.

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Sit right there and watch our show.
06/12/06, 08:20 PM
A few minutes ago saw the world premiere of The Puppet Masters, and, as such, it's time to update the old homestead. Who are the new characters? Robot roll call!


The episode isn't up on Google Video yet, but it is firmly entrenched in the SNL clip archive that is YouTube. Come for Joey Bagwell, stay for Ron the Farmer.

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I Wear My Shades at Night
06/03/06, 02:40 AM
Just a little update to get the rumor mill started up (or at least trickling), Hyle is in Denton for five days to play a role and assist in the production of episode 205, the NTTV series finale. We're going to keep the title under wraps for a little longer, but rest assured.... a ton of questions will be answered about the show, the change of tones between seasons, the character arcs, and it will tie together elements from the entire series run, both season 1 (ugh...) and season 2.

We just finished a 15-hour production day (10 AM - 3 AM), and will be picking up tomorrow, recording season 2 DVD commentaries for 201 - 204, doing some cast and crew interviews for some DVD special features, and finishing up this massive shoot for 205. Once that's done there will still be ten or so pages of the script left to shoot, which I'll be doing after a weeklong booze-and-hooker sabbatical.

What we shot today came off very well, and I'm anxious to see the dailies. But in the meantime, rest assured that 204 - The Puppet Masters will more than likely be premiering Monday, June 12. If I can, I'll post a production photo or two from the 205 shoot.

Right, I've got to wake up in slightly over five hours for another ridiculouly exhaustive production day. Check back here for more stuff, and feel free to discuss things on the forum. It won't bite. Hard.

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Actually, we hold the copyright to Joey.
05/27/06, 10:46 AM
Hey, remember my last news update when I announced that we were selling a hot new black logo shirt? Well, CafePress wanted none of it. They pulled every last shirt we sold, claiming we were infringing on the copyrights of something called File Two Productions. Uh huh. I guess our ability to make t-shirt design is more convincing than our ability to pass off as a production company. Luckily it's now sorted out, so shop away!

Moving along, the title for episode 204 can now officially be announced: The Puppet Masters. Without a shadow of a doubt, this behometh of an episode is the best thing we've produced under the banner of Elvis and Slick Monty. We hope you'll agree. We'll have an airdate to announce for it soon.

Next weekend will also see the filming of our season finale. Everything we've been building to comes to a head here. Exciting, huh? Yeah, I thought not.

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It's what Jeff Goldblum would wear.
05/20/06, 02:04 AM
What's this? Yes, it looks like our oft-neglected Merchandise page is finally getting a little season two loving with not one but two new products. A suave black logo t-shirt for those who want something slimming this summer, and a Silvan Summers Has a Posse Sticker for those who want to roll with the leisure-suited one.

We're going to be adding a variety of season two-inspired merchandise in the coming weeks, so keep checking back for more. Elvis and Slick Monty Gear: It'll baffle your friends.

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Cease and Desist Order from the Goldblum Camp.
05/17/06, 01:26 PM
I don't know if you've heard, but there's this little show called Elvis and Slick Monty, and yeah, it's got eight episodes now, and you might not have heard, but last Monday saw the premiere of episode 203 - In Goldblum. If you haven't had an opportunity to catch it yet, it's available on Google Video, YouTube, and our very own website.

And, as per usual, the new episode comes with the crop of new character biographies... Jeff Goldblum, James Vermouth, Newsman, and Will Vodka, New Man. Now that's what I call some well-proportioned men.

You also may have noticed that season 1 has been removed from Google Video.In doing this, it saves us the embarassment of having season 1 readily available to the public (apart from the DVD sets, of course, which are worth the cost for the special features). Apologies to the loyal army of "A Fish Called Bananers" fans, but we just couldn't take the shame any more.

Looking ahead, 204 has wrapped and I've cut together about 3/4 of the whole thing. The 205 script is complete, and we'll be shooting that in early June, hopefully for a July release to cap off the NTTV portion of the series... with a jam-packed DVD set hot on the heels of that.

And as always, hop on over to the fan forum and finger-bang up some discussions. You never know... you may end up meeting someone there, collaborate on a videogame fan-site for five years, go on to co-produce a terrible webcomic, return to the fan-site, then starting work on a cable access TV show. Crazier things have happened.

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Blum and Blumer
05/05/06, 11:24 AM
Hello Elvies. Or would that be Elvers? No, it wouldn't be anything... we don't have any fans. No matter! I'm dropping by to tell you that the newest episode, In Goldblum, will debut on NTTV, Google Video, and YouTube on Monday May 15th. We've even got a new teaser up for it.

Also, Chad has proposed an interesting project on our virus-free Forum. Check it out if you want your work immortalized on DVD (as opposed to being immortalized on a format that will last).

E-mail Chad
Out of Blum.
05/01/06, 05:59 PM
Time to get back in the swing of things and update this bitch. As you may have noticed, we've been having quite a few problems with our Fan Forum. Some Kazakhstani hacker thought it appropriate to post communist propaganda all over the board. I want to assure everybody that neither Hyle, myself, nor File Two Productions holds any sympathies whatsoever for the Red Menace. So the forum's more or less back up, albeit with a stupid default color scheme. You'll also have to re-select your avatar. I'm sure you can cope.

And here's something to get to discussing.... we've kept information about episode 203 under wraps, but it's almost out. I finished the final cut two days ago and it's now being scored by our new musician Jeremy Thorn (of NTTV's "Homeless in Denton" fame). We're still not ready to give away the title, but we're got a teaser in the form of delectable new wallpaper!

To grab ahold of this beauty - available in three different sizes - head over to the Downloads page and right click your finger off.

As for the rest of the season, 204 has completely wrapped, and I've cut together about a third of it. I'd say it's turning out well. Also, the first draft of episode 205 - the NTTV finale - is completed, and the script is currently going through a quick revisionary process to streamline it. We have a ton of ground to cover with 205, a ridiculous number of plotlines to service, and man it's a doozy. Chat it up in the forums, wouldja?

E-mail Hyle
03/21/06, 07:13 PM
Well, that was quick. All Shaked Up is now all up on Google Video. Go to it if you want to live.

If you're lazy, you can also watch it on this very site. Right here, in fact. Rock your cocks off.

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Two Fly, Don't Bother Me.
03/20/06, 10:28 PM
Well! Episode 202 - All Shaked Up has premiered on NTTV, and with it comes the overtly detailed episode guide, along with the show's new character bios.... let's LINE 'EM UP!

- the saucy Kathleenna Gin
- the pickly Officer Murtagh Boklovah
- the stereotypickly Oliv Gardino

The Google Video and YouTube copies will be online shortly, and we'll keep you posted. In the meantime why not try on a production update for size? Sunday night we shot with a gigantic cast until 1:30 in the morning. On a school night. That's right folks, episode 204 is well into production. Season two's penultimate episode is turning out fairly well, and I'll drop a screengrab or two in here once I finish 203 and turn my attention to editing that one. In the meantime, here's a lovely behind the scenes photo:

Whuh-oh, that looks pretty crazy! You'd better go to our forum and discuss it, quick!

E-mail Hyle
202: 320
03/13/06, 11:29 PM
Finally. Episode 202, All Shaked Up is set to air on Monday March 20th. Yes, next week. A bit later to air than we originally planned, but the wait will have been worth it.

Don't forget to discuss all new Elvis and Slick developments in our forum! We know you're dying too. Why wouldn't you be?

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Guess Who's Coming To YouTube
03/05/06, 09:34 PM
Good news if you're a diehard Elvis and Slick Monty fanatic with an aversion towards Google Video! Our second season episodes will now be avaliable on YouTube, starting with our month-old season premiere. Wowie wow wow!

E-mail Chad
Forum Score
03/04/06, 03:24 PM
It may be a lazy dog-dangling Saturday afternoon, but File Two Productions NEVER rests. Not ever. So we took some time away from our absolutely mental Season 2 production schedule to finally turn that last menu item into a lovely clickable red. That's right folks - the Fan Forum is finally up and running! This calls for 24 minutes of non-stop cheering!

And while I'm here, I might as well give you a little something to kick off the discussion. The first ever screenshot for Episode 203: [title withheld].

And just so we're clear, the title isn't "[title withheld]". I was actually withholding it. Look at me.... getting off.

E-mail Hyle
Seriously, my head is distorted in that picture.
02/19/06, 11:36 PM

The second episode of the season, All Shaked Up, is more or less done and ready for air. I'm pleased with how it turned out, and we hope whatever fans we have will appreciate the direction we're taking with this. We just don't have an airdate for it yet. Soon though. Very soon.

Looking even further ahead, 203 began production this weekend and is almost in the can. Here's a jaggy, low-resolution photo from production:

Episode 203

No, we're not going to tell you what this episode is about or even the title of it yet. You don't want to be spoiled for this one.

E-mail Hyle
I've always preferred Webster's.
01/29/06, 08:42 PM
We're so confident in the second season that we want to make it as easy as possible for people to see it. That's why you can now watch Guess Who's Coming To Dinner (Honkey Edition) on this very site! Just click on over to the Episode Guide main page and go to the 201 guide, then click the brand new link to take you to the video. If you're too lazy for that, here's the exact link. Start those oak leaf pie cravings!

E-mail Chad
I've always preferred a thesaurus.
01/27/06, 11:09 PM
Guess what, honkeys! Your edition of Guess Who's Coming to Dinner is finally available, absolutely free, on Google Video! Click here to watch episode 201, and be transported to a world of Marc Summers references, retarded delivery men, and the Black Sleep of Kali. There's also an option to download the show to your video iPod, if you're trendy like that. Personally, I think it's kind of creepy.

I hope you enjoyed the framegrab from 202 in the last post. We shot that last weekend, and so far I've cut together a little under half of the episode. I think those of you on the second-season fence after having seen 201 will be knocked off with this stuff. It actually kind of feels like a real TV show.

One last thing before I go... I'd like to publicly declare a feud between File Two Productions and the schlock online encyclopedia, Wikipedia. For a few weeks, there was a page devoted to Elvis and Slick Monty, but it soon disappeared. I did some digging, and discovered the following dialogue between two Wikipedia administrators:

"I don't think this is material that we want to keep in any case (it's a sitcom airing only on what is apparently the University of North Texas' tv channel.)"
"Deletion permission granted. The result of the debate was: Delete."

I'm sure glad Wikipedia is keeping up appearances by deleting entries about superfluous, unintelligible attempts at comedy. If you'll excuse me, I'll just be praying to the Flying Spaghetti Monster.

Wikipedia.... you haven't heard the last of us.

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"Your television sucks, Del Monte."
01/25/06, 02:07 PM
Let's just hope Silvan wasn't watching Monday's episode when he made that comment.

For our (closeted) NTTV fanbase that missed it on Monday, Guess Who's Coming To Dinner (Honkey Edition) will probably be reairing in all of our timeslots for the next few weeks, at least. For our fans on the Internet, we're still waiting for Google Video to put the episode up. Hey, give them some space. They just launched a censored search engine in China.

But although many of you are probably still waiting to see 201, we're going forthward and bringing the hype for the next episode: All Shaked Up. This is the episode that really defines the route we're taking the show this year. While GWCTD(HE) was without a doubt our best episode yet, All Shaked Up and the episodes that will follow will make it seem weaker than Earl Grey tea.

All Shaked Up

It'll air sometime next month, and of course we'll give you the exact date when we have it.

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Families gather 'round for our season premiere!
01/23/06, 01:12 PM
Hey-o! I'm just stopping in to remind you that our glorious season premiere will air tonight on NTTV at 9:30 PM CST! Following its airing, come back to this very site for the updated episode guide and character biographies.

It should also be up on Google Video within the next couple of days, so if you don't happen to live in the NTTV broadcast area, you won't have to miss out on the good, wholesome Christian fun of this episode.

E-mail Hyle
Just because we can't get a date...
01/04/06, 07:56 PM
...doesn't mean we don't have one for you!

January 23rd at 9:30 PM CST. That's when the second season finally debuts with Guess Who's Coming To Dinner (Honkey Edition). To give you a taste of what's to come, head on over to the Downloads Page and watch the all-new Season 2 Teaser Promo before it even airs on NTTV. Lucky you, pale friendless virgin!

Oh, and if you think the second season is looking good, you'll be amazed to know that 201 will probably be our 103 of this year. 202 and 203? Much, much stronger. There's nowhere to go but up. Except down.

E-mail Hyle
2006: Also the year of the man-fly.
01/01/06, 11:38 PM
I hope those of you who have received the DVDs are enjoying them. What? You haven't bought any of them? You only stumbled across this site because you were searching for Monty Python quote sites? Fuck you, boy. Go to our Not-So-Brand New Merchandise Page and pick one up for yourself. It's worth it for the commentaries alone.

While you're there, be sure to also pick up our brand new t-shirt celebrating the impending second season. It's the one filed under "Elvolution." Get it?

E-mail Chad
Prompting an O'Reilly Factor boycott.
12/24/05, 01:39 PM

Season Two's Greetings

Christmas may be upon us, but for our Jewish friends (and cast members, har-har) there's still some gift-buying time left. Hanukkah starts this year at sundown December 25. Why not finish your shopping in one fell swoop by buying eight copies of the Season 1 DVD set? It's how Mattityahu would have wanted it.

E-mail Chad
Merch and Ise.
12/21/05, 10:09 PM
Hoooh-kay. You ready for this one? You ready to get your grubby mits on some serious teeth-gnashing television? Well, mosey on over to the Brand New Merchandise Page for a bunch of t-shirts and stickers that have been available for months, now organized on our website for the very first time!

...oh, and there's that Complete First Season 3-disc DVD Set that you can order, if you really want to. Pay-pal only, folks. Sorry, no C.O.D.'s.

God, I'm tired. I'm going to get so fucking drunk...

E-mail Chad
The Complete First Season DVDs.
12/17/05, 06:30 PM
Or as they're called in Australia, Day-Vay-Days. Check this photo out*!


The three-disc sets will be $10 for pick-up at North Texas Television, beginning January 2. Starting next week, there will also be an option to purchase the set online for $15 ($10 + $5 shipping) via PayPal. Quantities are limited to about 55 sets, so be sure you check back here in a few days to get in while the gettin's hot!

Also, I'm still working on 201. It's all cut together, I just need to add the score and tweak the audio a bit. 202 has been written, 203's being written, and the rest of the second season has been mapped out in detail. Yes maam.

*bearded director not included

E-mail Hyle
DVDs and Season Two update.
12/07/05, 06:34 PM

We're finally putting the finishing touches on Elvis and Slick Monty: The Complete First Season. Commentaries were recorded this past weekend for all five episodes, just a drop in the bucket of massive features for the three-disc set. If you thought we were ever being excessive with our glorification of the minimal output we produce before, wait until you get a load of these. We'll have complete pricing for you when they become avaliable, which should be soon.

But as we look behind at what we've done, I'd much rather look ahead... to Season Two. Most likely, the new season will kick off next month and wash the aftertaste of Season One out of all of your sweet, sweet mouths. If you're already somehow a fan of this show, you're going to be blown away by the new episodes. End of discussion. If you're not, then forget everything you know about Elvis and Slick Monty, because the show is going to be radically different. Gone is the binding sitcom parody format. Our tastes have matured beyond that, so hopefully you'll take a fancy to what we feast on now and take a helping of it yourself.

Mmm! Corn.

E-mail Chad
Guess Who's Going To Sleep
10/30/05, 10:21 PM
It is done.

This evening at 7:15 PM, we wrapped on episode 201... Guess Who's Coming to Dinner (Honkey Edition). It was two marathon days and nights of shooting, 7 hours on Saturday and 5 hours today. It all came together and everything meshed unlike any other episode. Things are going to be different this season, but I'm looking forward to it. It's going to be good.

I just realized, when I sat down to write this, that I had been holding a 3-chip DV camera and shoulder mount for upwards of 12 hours. The lactic acid present in my arms could dissolve chicken bones.

We had a pretty big cast in this episode, especially coming off the four-man shrink-wrap of season 1. The cast consisted of Greg Janda, Banks Lee, Mariola Schmid, Jeff Stebbins, Matt Muhl, Mark Moseley, Sam Respess and myself. We also had a new boom operator / PA, Matt Gibson, who saved my ass at least a dozen times throughout the shoot.

So thanks for sticking with us, guys. This is a good one, and I'm glad to have it in the can. I've just got to edit it all together, send it off for scoring (What? Oh, yes, that's new this season too), and we'll see what we've got. Here's a little sneak preview of what we got ourselves into:

E-mail Chad
Big Up the Date massive.
10/28/05, 08:29 AM
It's the final strech. Tomorrow and Sunday evening we'll be shooting episode 201 in its entirety. I'm a bit nervous, but I'm really looking forward to it. I thought, in celebration, I'd give you folks a little sneak peek... here's our new Elvis rocking it out... I give you, Mr. Banks Lee:

In addition, we've also got a couple fan(?) favorites(??) from Kamikaze Pilot returning as cast mainstays - Mark Moseley is reprising his role of Joey Bagwell, and Jeff Stebbins is re-staking his claim on Silvan Summers as the new Third Character following Leon's disappearance in the season finale.

Lastly, I thought I'd hit you all up with a preview of the Season 1 DVD set to whet your appetites... I just counted out the things on my gigantic outline, and there are 49 individual special features across the three discs, including three featurettes, some deleted scenes, a TON of outtakes, a METRIC ton of un-used script pages, and much much more.

I'll be looking into availability options more in the future, but right now I think that I'll do online sales through Paypal, so if you've got a credit card you'll be fine. And they'll be sold on the cheap... probably something like $10 plus shipping. But don't quote me on that.

Lastly, I want to give a big shout out to Mr. Matthew Muhl, who's breathed life into such thinly written characters as Anderson Tyrone, Ron the Farmer, and Sir Donny Q. Donderly. He's got his own show at NTTV called Deadly Cinema, and they just wrapped their series and held a huge theatrical watch party at the Denton Movie Tavern last Wednesday. The series finale comes on NTTV tonight at 7:00, so I urge you all to watch. And if you can't, then for the love of god, drop 8 bucks and pick up a copy of the three-disc Deadly Cinema Complete Series DVD Set. Well done, Matt. You deserve a nice long break... but unfortunately, we've got 201 to shoot! See you tomorrow night, buddy.

E-mail Hyle
When reading the official Elvis and Slick Monty website, consider suicide.
10/22/05, 10:55 PM
Hello there. For those of you who don't remember me, I'm the guy who wrote such brilliance as Elliot Wong explaining supply and demand and Doctor Leon attempting to do the Batusi. And yes, I got payed huge money for doing so. I drive a sports car and bed gorgeous women every night, all because of my ties to this show. But can you blame me? If it wasn't for me, you would have never heard "mah beans!" come from the mouth of Ron the Farmer.

So even though I should be out partying on the town with my badass celebrity status as my ticket, I've decided to go ahead and link you to some site updates. The Characters page has now been brought up to date, as has the frightening Image Gallery.

Don't fret. Just because you're not as awesome as I doesn't make you a loser. Not everyone can write misfired comedy for a small college cable outlet.

So lonely.

E-mail Chad
Sorry about that.
10/21/05, 12:44 PM
Hoh-kay. We've had a ton of trouble with the server and domain, but it's all sorted out now. Since last we spoke, episodes 104 - Elvis' Song and 105 - Wooo's the Boss have premiered, and are currently available on both North Texas Television and Google Video.

Hyle and I are hard at work on preproduction for the second season. Episode 201's script has been written, 202 is nearing completion, and the entire six-episode second season has been outlined. We'll see how many episodes actually get made. My bet's on four.

For those of you on the Internets that hate Google's bizarre Flash compression, know this: I'm currently working toward an eventual 3-disc Elvis and Slick Monty DVD set. It's packed with far more special features than actual content, so it should keep most of you pretty busy.

Look for gallery updates, episode guides, and character biographies in the coming days. And remember... I'm looking over your shoulder, but only because I've got your back.

E-mail Elvis
104 preview.
08/03/05, 12:42 PM
With 104 only needing a few touchups, lets take a preview of the upcoming episode. Rhetorical questions:

Does Elvis have a nervous breakdown?
Does Slick sip the special sauce?
Does Dr. Leon try to steal Diane from Elvis?
Will Diane's case of the clap clear up?
Could Elvis possibly screw up the chance to regain his millions?

To answer these questions you'll have to wait for the premiere of episode 104 only on NTTV.

E-mail Chad
Exhaustion defined.
07/29/05, 10:00 AM
Oh you sweet sassy kids. I just woke up from 6 hours of glorious sleep following another trademark grueling Elvis and Slick Monty shooting experience. We started at 6:00 PM and finished up at around 2 AM. Greg Janda, Erik Klein, Branden Finney, Dan Grunewald, and myself are extremely proud to announce that, barring one quick Richard Nixon scene I still need to shoot today, Season 1 is WRAPPED. For those of you who have been watching the show on Google Video, there are still two more episodes waiting in the wings to flesh out the inaugural season. Both are about half-edited and should be available within a few weeks.

In other news, last night Hyle made an amazing find. Some dedicated fan set up a wonderful bulletin board at Elvis and Slick Central. I swear this wasn't us at work... somebody is actually this nuts. Naturally, we jumped on this and became the second and third people to register. Won't you be fourth?

E-mail Hyle
Mega-huge update.
06/28/05, 03:30 PM
Mele Kalikimaka! That's the thing to say on a bright Hawaiian Christmas day, but it's also the thing to say to Elvis and Slick fans in our first update in well over a month. Yes, we're still here, and we've got several bits of news. Ready?

First of all, we've finally got a way for everybody outside of Denton, Texas to watch the show: Google Video (Beta)! At the moment only 101 and 103 are up, but 102 should be added within the weeks to come, as will 104 when it airs. Speaking of which...

We don't have a concrete date for the 104 premiere, but it'll be at some point during the summer. It's in the can, as Chad's last update said, but we're just polishing it up. Ironing out the details. Trying to make sure it's not the disaster 103 turned out to be. Speaking of which...

103 has its defenders (although they don't work on the show), so in honor of the defiant A Fish Called Bananers fans, we present a brand new t-shirt: I Swallowed Fananers! Just follow that link or use the one on the sidebar. It's the perfect summer beach wear!

We'll have more news to report when we have more news to report. Don't worry though: the world of Elvis and Slick is here to stay.

E-mail Chad
Before any of you get crazy ideas about making shows...
05/12/05, 11:37 PM
I woke up at 10:00 this morning. I shaved (except for my sweet-ass goat that I'm growing), took a shower, brushed my teeth, and went to NTTV. I got there at 11:00 and started getting props and equipment together. Branden showed up. Matt Muhl showed up. Greg was having some trouble getting his eyes in, but he showed up. Mariola showed up. And finally, Mr. Erik Klein showed up, and we got to shooting.


Episode 104 is in the can. I'm tired and I just want to sleep.

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Before you go stand in that 'Star Wars' line...
05/10/05, 09:11 PM
Hey there, mis amigos! If you haven't stopped by our Downloads page lately, you've been missing out on the 102 television promo. It's been avaliable for download for a week or so now, so be sure to do just that.

Stay logged on for information on 104's eventual airing date.

E-mail Hyle
I accept this award on the behalf of Piggles the Waiter.
05/01/05, 09:55 AM
Hey hey! Big news! Elvis and Slick Monty 102: The Big Sexy Sex Episode of Sex debuts tomorrow night at 9:30 PM CT on NTTV! If you were disappointed with A Fish Called Bananers, we feel this will vindicate us.

That's not all! Friday night, Elvis and Slick Monty won the presitigious Golden Television Award for Best NTTV Show. Not only that, but Erik Klein, Greg Janda, and Branden Finney won the award for Best Entertainers for their work as Elvis, Slick Monty, and Doctor Leon. We should have pictures of the awards themselves up soon, and maybe select video footage of the event on a future DVD release.

So in light of all this Elvis and Slick Monty goodwill, we've updated the Gallery with production and episode stills of not only 103, but the as-of-yet-aired 102.

Tune in tomorrow!

E-mail Chad
The home stretch.
04/27/05, 09:34 PM
Thanks for those last two... enlightening posts, E-Murder. I'm here to say that we've pretty much wrapped on Episode 102 (third in production order, second in chronology.... it's backwards, I know, just cope) and I've got the episode edited down to a rough cut. Now it's just a matter of tweaking the shit out of the audio, and then we'll have something to show. I'm shooting for a premiere this Monday at 9:30, but my severe lack of sleep is slowly becoming more and more apparent to me as the week drags on. I might succumb to binge resting this weekend, so we'll just see how that all goes.

I also know that this site has been seriously neglected in terms of image content and character bios. That'll all get fixed soon enough... just bear with Hyle. He's a slacker. Not me, though.

Since you've been oh-so patient with my downright glacial episode turnout, here's a little present: Two new downloads on our appropriately titled Downloads page. We've got an oft-aired station promo for episode 103, and a brand new celebrity.. eh... 'endorsement' from a member of the US House of Representatives. Looks like Doctor Leon's ambiguous sexuality from episode 103 is biting us in the ass.

E-mail Elvis
Slurpee machines are well hidden by 6-foot tall flies...
04/27/05, 12:56 AM
Episode 102 is about to premiere... My Spidey senses are tingling. Ouch, I think I pulled a midichlorian. Where did Slick put the Ben-Gay?

E-mail Elvis
Water fountains are well hidden by plants...
04/09/05, 03:44 AM

After an exhaustive location scouting, the most beautiful faux french chicken shack was found to, very nearly, complete episode 102. But, I don't want to say too much so... I'll let a set of nondescript rhetorical questions totally NOT do the job.

-Does a female finally appear on screen with the gang?
-Does Elvis take a meeting with a politician?
-Does Dr. Leon get on Slick's nerves?
-Does Slick cry?

To answer these questions you'll have to wait for the premiere of episode 102 only on NTTV.

E-mail Hyle
My head isn't really that large in person.
03/22/05, 10:19 PM
So by now you've probably seen Episode 103: A Fish Called Bananers. It's going to be airing all week, so you've got an entirely new episode to get sick of. So now that 103 is officialy part of our episode library, check out our Episode Guide and Characters sections for updated information pertaining to A Fish Called Bananers.

But what happened to the SECOND episode, you might ask? Well, it was delayed, but should be coming sometime in the next couple of weeks. It is set chronologically before 103, so you'll get to find out exactly why Elvis looks different than he did in 101. Stay logged in here for more information (but chances are you won't, because the show either frightens you or you just outright hate it).

E-mail Slick_Monty
Yesterday, love was such an easy game to play...
03/17/05, 09:18 PM
Is it over? Yes.

It's offical! Elvis and Slick Monty 103 wrapped shooting yesterday, and is now in the editing process for a MONDAY MARCH 21st PREMIERE AT 9:30 PM on NTTV.

With the conclusion of 103, it's time to reflect a little on the many lives that were lost in the creation of this fine series.

-Trevor Littlefield

-Macmillious Rouchedoure

-Unnamed Stagehand


They will be sorely missed.

Also, If you see a giant fly running around the University of North Texas on Monday, please, don't be alarmed.

E-mail Chad
I need a one-shot on Salsa.
03/05/05, 11:46 PM
Who wants a production update? I do, I do!

Last Thursday, we filmed for about an hour on episode 103, which leaves that episode aaaalmost completed. You ladies should be happy to know that it's just as big a sausage fest as the pilot.

And speaking of euphemisms for the penis, on Friday I barked orders at a studio crew, like the asshole director that I am, as we filmed the pilot of Doctor Leon's spinoff series. You'll probably hear more about that later, but here's a small hint: think of how much smarter the comedy on Frasier is than that of Cheers.... now flip that around, adjust for inflation, and you'll begin to get the picture.

We dropped a bag of orphaned toddlers in a vat of water. God, I love my job.

E-mail Hyle
I'm not a character on the show.
02/16/05, 05:52 PM
For a single-episode show, we sure do have a lot of ads promoting the series. Why, if you'll check in on our precious Downloads page, you'll find not one, not three, but TWO new promos! One's a brand new celebrity promo featuring none other than the Chairman of the British Ministry of Defence, and the other is a promo promoting NTTV itself using our "celebrities."

Just wait until the second episode premieres! We'll have a shitwad of ads for that.

E-mail Elvis
02/16/05, 01:21 AM
Uh... Hello. Its your favorite caped crusader, Elvis. But, you can still call me E-Dawg or E-Murder.

Hey! Slick tells me that Chad has put together some of our latest escapades. But, I don't own a pair of ice skates. I always wanted a pair of ice skates when I was a little E or "e". Momma always said that Memphis is no place for ice skates.

Hey! Dr. Leon came over and played Peanut Butter Cyclops with me today. But Slick got mad and said that peanut butter only goes in sammaches. I said don't be cruel Wing Daddy. I just think Slick just needs a person to look up to like Peanut Butter Cyclops.

Hey! Slick says that I need to go to bed or he won't make me Bananer eggs in the morning.

Thankya very much,


E-mail Slick_Monty
Another four bite the dust....
02/13/05, 10:57 PM
Hello, there, yes, I am *the* Slick Monty here with a production report!

Today we knocked out multiple hours worth of filming for not one, not two, nor three, more episodes, but FOUR new Elvis and Slick Monty episodes for your festive enjoyment!

Some highlights:


--Dr. Leon

--Tasteful Tiki

--A Yo-Yo

--Sound Effects

What does all this mean? Why is one of the stars of the show speaking in code? What reason could possibly be behind his sudden declaration in the news site? Why is he asking these questions?

Find out during the rest of this exciting season of Elvis and Slick Monty!

E-mail Hyle
Stalling until the second episode.
02/08/05, 01:36 AM
The first episode of Elvis and Slick Monty is on right now. Go watch it!

What? You're sick of it? You want to know when you'll see another episode to judge whether this show really blows or not? Patience, grasshoper. If you've noticed, we've only got six episodes lined up for this season, and we've got to stretch them out through May.

In the meantime, we've put up the commercial for the first episode that's been airing on NTTV. As usual, you can find it in our Downloads section.

Hopefully we'll have some news on the second episode soon.

E-mail Chad
Premiere Pro
01/31/05, 11:49 PM
Holy nuts, it looks like Elvis and Slick Monty is now an official part of the NTTV lineup. It aired this evening at 7:30 and 9:30, as per the schedule on our site. I happened to be in the NTTV main lobby (big shock there), and got a photo of some nice folks, including our own Silvan Summers, Jeff Stebbins, watching the show as its constituent photons were pumped into the Denton atmosphere. Check it out in our Episode 101 Production Gallery.

You might also notice a change up at the site's top. Well, Robert Penn has decided to move on to a lucrative pre-med school plan, leaving little time for pretending to be a dead 50-year-old rockstar. In response, my first choice for Elvis, Erik Klein, finally decided to step into the role he was born to play. You'll see him in future episodes, but check out the logo to tide you over.

Rock over London, rock on Chicago...
Elvis and Slick Monty - Monday night at 9:30 on NTTV.

E-mail Hyle
01/31/05, 02:10 PM
Hello hello, Elvis and Slick Monty is on! Beginning today we're a regular part of the lineup on NTTV, forever ruining whatever credibility that station might have. Keep checking here to find out when it's airing, and especially when new episodes will debut.

Now, as far as online viewing goes, we're almost there. No, it's not ready today ("it's not a priority," says Chad), so if you don't live in Denton you'll have to wait just a little longer. We've got it ready to go, but we're examining ways to not kill our bandwidth. To tide you over (more or less), we do have a brand new celebrity promo for you watch.

Updates here should be more frequent now that this runaway train of fun has started, so keep hitting that refresh button!

E-mail Hyle
01/24/05, 12:44 AM
Guess which show is delayed for another week?

Okay, it's January 31st. Serious this time.

E-mail Hyle
01/15/05, 09:52 PM
Say, were you going to tune into our show on Sunday? Here's a funny thing... a scheduling mishap at the network means we actually won't air until Monday the 24th. Hoh hoh for blunders!

The good news (depending on how you look at being able to watch the show) is that we'll also have the pilot (and probably the consecutive episodes) avaliable for download on this very site, so you can now enjoy Elvis and Slick Monty from around the world.

See you on the 24th!

E-mail Hyle
2005: The year of the man-fly.
01/01/05, 12:40 PM
To all of you on the Jesus calendar, happy New Year! 2005 will hopefully be a huge year for us here at Elvis and Slick Monty, what with our show officially premiering and all in a little more than two weeks. We're also looking into options for those of you not living in Denton, Texas to be able to witness the glory of our wonderous child, so stay glued to this site!

While you're waiting for Elvis and Slick Monty to premiere, why not go to the movies? That's right! There's a new film opening in American theaters this Friday (January 7th) called White Noise. Starring Michael Keaton, it's a thrilling journey with Electronic Voice Phenomena (or something like that) that you won't want to miss! On that topic, check out our Downloads section for a thrilling journey with cross-promotion that you won't want to ignore! Univeral Pictures' White Noise, opening January 7th! Elvis and Slick Monty, premiering January 16th! Whoa-hoh!

E-mail Chad
The perfect Kwanzaa gift.
12/24/04, 01:32 AM
Merry Non-Secular Gift-Oriented Holiday Eve, everybody! Hyle and I have been ever plugging away on the show, with you lot waiting with bated breath for the January premiere on North Texas Television and subsequent downloadable pilot episode. Well never fear, that's all coming soon (along with a special surprise in the first week of January).

In the meantime, we offer this cheap gift for anybody who may have slipped your mind this holiday season: "Slick Monty Has A Posse" and "Doctor Leon Has A Posse" car window stickers, available in our Merchandise page for the low low price of only $2.49. Now if you'll excuse me, this three-in-one popcorn tin won't devour itself...

E-mail Hyle
....Elvis and Slick Monty? What the hell?
12/16/04, 12:36 AM
We've finally got the entire schedule for the month of January! It might look a little repetitive, but keep in mind that it's all tentative at this point, as I'm pretty sure they'll pull the show after it first airs on the 16th. Gather ye Elvis and Slick Monty while you may.

We'll have more news about the official premiere as the date draws near, as well as more news concerning the rest of the season.

E-mail Hyle
Do you like television foreplay? Here's some more!
12/06/04, 10:29 PM
A new teaser promo for the upcoming January debut in the regular schedule is up, and if you missed the Thanksgiving preview, this is the best glimpse yet of the show. Wait, scratch that. Show? No. Biblical epic.

E-mail Chad
I'd like to thank Maturin...
12/03/04, 07:33 PM
Elvis and Slick Monty is gearing up for its first season of broadcast, with the pilot completed, locked down, and finalized. Suffice it to say Hyle and I are proud of the monstrosity we've conceived. So proud, in fact, that we've made sure it's in the runnings for an Emmy award in the 30-minute comedy category.

So how can you help? Well, Denton community, you can write your Congressman and demand the Emmy for Elvis and Slick! It'll work, trust me. That guy's got deeeeep pockets.

E-mail Hyle
A great way to waste your hard drive's memory!
11/30/04, 11:36 PM
We know there are some of you who missed the preview of the pilot over the Thanksgiving holiday and are going out of your minds to see us in our regular timeslot in January. Hey, we hear you! Get your Elvis and Slick Monty on with our new Downloads section! You can watch our three new teaser ads, which will also begin airing on NTTV today.

January 2005. Are you stoked? It's a washed up should-be-deceased rocker and a human-fly boxing referee! Get your ass stoked.

E-mail Chad
Just an observation...
11/29/04, 08:23 AM
I only wanted to point out how much cooler this website is than the official Fresh Prince of Bel-Air website. I mean, honestly - we have an image gallery AND Doctor Leon t-shirts!

Keep in mind, kiddos, that you can e-mail Hyle or myself by clicking our incredibly sexy photos in the top-left corner of any given news post.

Also, be sure and check out NTTV's official site, which can also be accessed at any time via the logo underneath the bananer menu.

Trouble? I thought your name was Trevor!

E-mail Hyle
An update on the schedule.
11/29/04, 01:05 AM
So now that the series premiere has aired, you may be wondering when this trainwreck is going to find its own home on the NTTV lineup. As it stands now, we're looking at January 2005 as our debut on the regular schedule. For those of you who caught it, I hope you enjoyed the Thanksgiving Weekend preview.

To tide you over, we've finished completing the rest of the site, sans the Fan Forum, which will be up eventually. You see, first we need to find at least two fans.

E-mail Chad
Yes, it's live-action.
11/27/04, 09:30 PM
"We have nothing to fear but fear itself."

These words were spoken by some famous cripple, and they're completely irrelevant to this post. Welcome to the Elvis and Slick Monty official website. I'm Chad McCanna, co-creator and director of E&SM. You'll soon grow to despise me and everything I stand for.

Episode 101, "Kamikaze Pilot" premiered on NTTV at 7:30 PM on Thanksgiving night, 11/25/04. With that first step, my File Two Productions co-founder, Hyle Russell, and I decided to make this site public, so you can get your Elvis and Slick fix even outside the reach of the Denton, TX Charter cable system.

We'll have some more features such as an image gallery and message board in the near future. For now, check the links hovering over that bananer to your left and look around! Buy a shirt. Please don't leave.

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