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Anderson Tyrone

Anderson Tyrone is one of the most ruthless competetors in Silvan Summer's boxing league. A convicted rapist (in and out of the ring), Tyrone was the organization's most feared World Heavyweight Champion. His record-breaking reign came to an end, however, when he made the mistake of squaring off against first-time boxer Elvis. Elvis had accidently killed the number one contender, Trevor Littlefield, earlier in the night and took his place. Even though Tyrone dominated the match, one mishap where he stopped to laugh at Slick Monty's pink referee shirt was all it took for Elvis to land a knockout punch.

Critics say that this humiliating defeat means his glory days are over, but if Anderson Tyrone has anything to say about it, his rampage has only begun.

Anderson Tyrone is portrayed by Matthew Muhl.

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