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From the creators of Elvis and Slick Monty comes Elvis and Slick Monty, a "hilarious" sitcom now in its second season on NTTV! This daring television extravaganza poses the question we've all been afraid to ask: "What if Elvis never really died, and if he didn't, what would happen if he returned from the spaceship he's been on for decades with an anthromorphic fly in tow?" Prepare yourself, because Elvis and Slick Monty is one ride that's not for the faint of heart, pregnant, or the elderly. Oh shit!

Banks Lee is Elvis, the bulbous rockabilly rocker from Memphis who vanished in 1977. Greg Janda is S'Larik del Monte (Slick Monty), the Felix Ungerish manfly who proudly dons the white and black of the boxing referee. Together they live together in their tastefully-decorated apartment, constantly dealing with life, love, and bananers. In the first season, Branden Finney was Doctor Leon, their wacky downstairs neighbor who always seemed to drop in when least expected to give his own brand of ultra-sexy advice. In the second season, Jeff Stebbins fills the role of third character with his portrayal of Silvan Summers, the head of Silvan Summers Boxing who's quite the shady character with an even shadier past. Thusly, this triumvirate of man, man-fly, and man-Silvan will rock your world, and thusly put money in our pockets.

Elvis and Slick Monty is created and written by Chad McCanna and Hyle Russell, and produced by File Two Productions in association with NTTV. Check the schedule to find out when it's going to air next!