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Doctor Leon

"Is there a doctor in the house?" You best think twice the next time you yell this, or Doctor Leon just might answer! The downstairs neighbor of Elvis and Slick, Doctor Leon always seems to pop in when least expected. Elvis is good friends with him, but Slick despises him with every ounce of his being. While he's generally harmless, Doctor Leon does possess quite a few eccentricities. However, this isn't something that the ladies seem to mind. After all, he's a doctor! Cha-ching!

Recently, the good doctor was abducted by aliens while he was in the middle of outdoor urination. Elvis and Slick were both thrown a loop over this development, but have no idea how to help their neighbor. For now, it appears as if Doctor Leon is gone... but for how long?

Doctor Leon is portrayed by Branden Finney.

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