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Elvis was one of the most successful rock 'n roll acts of the 20th Century. Unfortunately time makes fools of us all, and Elvis became bloated, tired, and addicted to pain killers. One summer morning in 1977, Elvis was found dead in his bathroom... or was he? Rumors abounded for years in supermarket rags that the King of Rock was actually abducted by aliens, but surely those were nothing more than silly rumors dreamed up to sell papers... or were they? As it turns out, Elvis really did get kidnapped by extraterrestrial visitors while on the toliet, ascending him into the next chapter of his life.

Elvis spent 27 years living amongst his alien captors as their live-in test subject. While he was kept cryogenically frozen most of the time, he would often be dethawed to be poked, prodded, and probed. After giving it much careful thought, the big guy finally came up with a plan to get the hell out of there. Observing the routine of the aliens, he was able to sneak by them and into one of the ship's escape pods. As fate would have it, the alien vessel was in the process of observing a tear in the fabric of space and time when Elvis blasted away, sending him careening straight into the wormhole. This wormhole led to an alternate dimension that was home to a parallel Earth by the name of Garth. His escape pod landed right in the middle of a boxing fray where he met none other than Slick Monty. The two became fast friends, and with Elvis eager to return to Earth and Slick looking for a fresh start in life, they decided they'd use the pod to pilot themselves back through the wormhole. Upon arriving on Earth, they got themselves a cheap town apartment where they could begin their new lives. You would think Elvis returning would generate some excitement, but a few months after settling in Elvis got plastic surgery to cover-up a black eye, decreasing the chances of him being recognized in public as the true King.

Elvis has picked his music career back up, but not quite where he left it. While in the past he would play sold-out stadiums, the King now headlines at bars and bar mitzvahs. Recently, he's even taken on a day job that's not music oriented: He's the new vice president of Silvan Summers Boxing. Hey, at least he's alive, and according to him, pregnant.

Elvis is portrayed by Robert Penn (101), Erik Klein (102 - 105), and Banks Lee (201 - ).

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