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Grom Corbis

You may think it's great that Rent-a-Decor hires people with special needs, but you'll be closing that open mind of your's when Grom Corbis delivers your foosball table!

Slick Monty found this out the hard way when Grom Corbis stopped by with what was supposed to be a dining room table on the night he was going to impress Mr. Summers into giving him the vice presidency of Silvan Summers Boxing. Instead of a dining room table, Corbis mistakingly gave him a television tray. Slick was none too pleased with this but, to his credit, Corbis did realize his mistake and return with the correct order. This would have been the end of the story had Grom Corbis not been so charmingly handicapped. Thinking there was a party going on, he ended up overstaying his welcome by volunteering to help with the oak leaf pie. The special ingredient? Silvan Summers.

After Slick rescued Silvan from the clutches of the pie, Corbis was so distraught that he stabbed himself with a kitchen knife. He made a full recovery once Satan himself appeared with chicken tetrazini. Since Satan isn't retarded, there were no boxing promoters baked into the dish.

Grom Corbis is portrayed by Matthew Muhl.

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