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Innocent Stagehand

Amongst the more well-known employees of Silvan Summers Boxing (such as the Slick Montys, the Joey Bagwells, and the rest of their respective ilk) exist a great number of lower-level grunts. These employees do everything from operating cameras to being grips during the league's big events, and are instantly identifiable with their 'Event Staff' t-shirts.

One such man was the one only known as Innocent Stagehand. He earned this name due to his unfortunate demise being a bystander of Anderson Tyrone's rage. On the day of the Littlefield-Tyrone match, Macmillious Rouchedoure instructed Tyrone to demonstrate his lethal ways to Slick Monty. This resulted in him snapping the neck of poor Innocent Stagehand, the first victim of a particularly deadly day.

While Innocent Stagehand wasn't all that missed by his co-workers, they did respect Anderson Tyrone's barbality as a result. To date, no one else has gotten a broken neck by him.

Innocent Stagehand is portrayed by Eric Clark.

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