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Kathleenna Gin

Kathleenna Gin is the entertainment director for Crawfish Cable, which is the provider of Silvan Summers Boxing's eight-yearly pay-per-view events. A sane and rational woman, Kathleenna often has to look the other way when it comes to idiocy in the television industry.

It was discouraging to her then when Elvis, newly-appointed as the vice president of Silvan Summers Boxing, sold his company to Shake it Up LLC. As Crawfish Cable depended on the boxing pay-per-views to remain financially buoyant, suddenly having the theme of the programs changed to something not even The Food Network would broadcast was a bit much. Despite her misgivings, she showed up for the inaguaral Shake it Up pay-per-view to witness it first hand. It was then when Elvis was knocked silly with a flying milkshake glass that, with some quick thinking, she invented "milkshake boxing," saving both companies from a disaster of hurricane-sized proportions.

Kathleenna Gin is portrayed by Liz Bryant.

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