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K'Iarik del Monte (Kirk Monty)

Kirk Monty had always exploited the rarely-seen naivity of his cousin Slick for his own benefit. Time and again, the sports jock Kirk would take advantage of the more bookish Slick all in the name of "helping him." This lopsided relationship would continue until Elvis crash-landed on Garth and took Slick back to Earth with him.

Slick had set up a life for himself on Earth as a boxing referee for Silvan Summers Boxing, but this life was interrupted when Mr. Summers, being blackmailed by Mayor Nixon, fired him. To cheer him up, Elvis used the "telepod" to visit Garth and recruit Del Monte family members to visit Earth. The only one who agreed to this was Kirk but, just as it had been in the past, not for altruistic purposes. Kirk's pet giant spider Randall had, several days earlier, devoured an innocent bystander. Looking to lay low, Kirk wanted nothing more than to also establish a life on Earth... even if it was Slick's.

First things first, a confused Silvan Summers gave him Slick's vacated ref position. Second things second, Kirk conspired with Diane to get Slick vacated from his apartment so that he could take it as his own. Coming up with an overly complicated plan involving prostitutes and a copious amount of semen, Kirk watched it blow up in his face when the whores failed to show. As a last-minute resort, he convinced Diane to assume the mantle of professional whore and begin screwing Elvis in front of a video camera. This too failed when she slipped on some nuts and fell into the "telepod." Kirk blundered his chance at getting Slick's apartment, but he found a new home nonetheless: The padded insane asylum cell of Edgar Juglan.

Kirk Monty is portrayed by Jimmy McCoy.

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