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Macmillious Rouchedoure

Many who have dared get on Macmillious Rouchedoure's bad side have found themselves at the bottom of a lake. Of course, given Macmillious' famed hatred of trout, this shouldn't come as a surprise.

Macmillious Rouchedoure was the manager of Anderson Tyrone, a cutthroat businessman who wasn't afraid to bend the law to get the best for his client (and himself). He successfully guided Tyrone to the World Heavyweight Championship, but he broke off more than he could chew the night he threatened referee Slick Monty. Warning Slick not to let Tyrone lose his title defense later in the night, he didn't count on the number one contender dying and Elvis replacing him. After a stunning upset over Tyrone that Slick called straight-down-the-middle (except in no way did Slick call it straight-down-the-middle), an enranged Macmillious rushed to the ring with a fly swatter in tow. Gunning for Slick, he accidently slipped on Elvis' discarded bananer peel. The fly swatter smacked his own head, and Macmillious was instantly killed.

Macmillious Rouchedoure is portrayed by Rohan Rivas.

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