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Pépe, a snooty lover of poor situational comedies, is a Farthling albino squirrel. Following the epic civil war between the albino and gray squirrels (who later evolved into the Grays), all television studios were destroyed on the parallel Earth. To make up for the lack of an entertainment fix, the albinos developed viewing screens that let them peer into other realities.

Thousands of years later, Pépe was one of the squirrels that became a fan of the viewing screen antics of Elvis and Slick Monty. Their daily lives came off as the worst sitcom ever conceived, and both Pépe and his good friend Tom couldn't get enough. They were among the many albinos that would laugh, gasp, and cheer at the most ridiculous happenings of these characters, whether it be Doctor Leon swallowing a fish or Diane giving Elvis a VD. Real high-brow reality programming. As time wore on, however, the albinos began to realize that events in the lives of Elvis and Slick were being manipulated by a cabal of Grays led by Richard Nixon. Someone had to warn them. Pépe and Tom were the first to volunteer.

Building a "telepod," they went through a wormhole from Farth into the Earth apartment they had spent so much time watching from afar. There they had an intense discussion with Slick, revealing the true life history of Nixon and what he was really up to. To save Elvis from being abducted, they would have to act fast. Unfortunately, there was a lot of exposition to get out of the way.

Elvis was abducted, Slick was attacked by a hoard of Nixon's brainwashed clones, and Joey Bagwell's flesh was eaten by vultures. It all worked out for Pépe and Tom though: Silvan Summers gave them his old business.

Go Nuts!

Pépe is portrayed by Hyle Russell.

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