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Richard Nixon

Hoo har har! Richard Nixon was the 37th President of the United States, and on one fateful December day in 1970, he met a certain rockstar by the name of Elvis. Elvis desperately wanted to help out in the democratic struggle against the drug culture instigated by the Beatles, so President Nixon granted him an honorary drug czar title.

More than three decades later, Elvis escaped the clutches of his alien captors and returned to Earth. Strangely, Nixon was back too, and was now the mayor of the town where Elvis and Slick Monty had taken up residence in. How was Nixon, who seemingly died in the 1990's, alive and well? Why the hell would anybody elect him to office again? Just what schemes are being cooked up by Tricky Dicky as you read this? Nobody knows, but Elvis doesn't care. Whenever he needs the advice of this crusty old sage (oblivious to his true evil nature), Nixon is more than ready to dispense bon mots and words of wisdom. When he's not conferencing with Elvis or running the city, Mayor Nixon also enjoys flirting with his saucy secretary Tina.

Richard Nixon is portrayed by Chad McCanna.

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