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Sir Donny Q. Donderly

Sir Donny Q. Donderly, or Mr. Sir Donny Q. Donderly as he likes to be called, is legendary for grooming talent. A music talent scount/producer who was in the employ of Bloodshire Recording, Sir Donny had worked intimately with Canadian classic rock band Klaatu in the 1970's (which he considered his greatest success).

Decades later, Sir Donny had a discovery of a different sort whilst enjoying a cup of coffee in The Wonder Weiner cafe in the midst of lunchtime karoake. It was Elvis, who was crooning to one of his lesser-known songs, I Feel Like Loving You (All Night). Sir Donny, thinking he was an undiscovered performer, branded him Melungeon Fudge and set up an appointment with him the next day at the local Bloodshire Recording studio. It was there where Elvis recorded a demo of the same song, knocking it out of the park, and this instigated Sir Donny to send it to Lord Roger von Bloodshire himself.

This would prove to be a fatal mistake.

As it turned out, Melungeon Fudge was bananer-flavored cough syruped out of his mind and was late for the meeting with Bloodshire, who flew in (on the red eye) specifically for it. Slick, trying to cover for his friend, had Doctor Leon try to pose as Melungeon, but it was no use, and Leon began to make out with Bloodshire instead. Furious, Bloodshire stormed out, and it was only then when Melungeon showed up to grovel at Sir Donny's feet. His career ruined, Sir Donny decided to hara-kari himself in the gut, his final lament that he left Klaatu in the first place.

Sir Donny Q. Donderly is portrayed by Matthew Muhl.

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