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S'Larik del Monte (Slick Monty)

While an anthromorphic fly boxing referee might be an unusual sight for you, where Slick Monty is from they're just as common as us homo-sapiens. Slick (birth name S'Larik del Monte) hails from the planet Garth, an alternate universe version of Earth where human beings and human flies walk arm to arm, wing to wing. While Garth may look different from Earth, the timelines for both planets have actually run fairly similiar to one another, despite the occasional variance (such as Patrick Duffy being devoured by cannibals in 1987). This has played to Slick's favor in fitting in rather quickly here on Earth, although the later seasons of 'Dallas' still baffle him.

Slick's own life history has been rather uneventful. Growing up, he was a weak little maggot who got picked on and bullied by his peers. To escape this torment, he devoted himself to his academics as well as escaping in science fiction novels. After graduating high school at the top of his class, Slick decided to get a part-time job as a referee for a boxing organization in parallel Las Vegas. He was originally only going to do it until something better came along, but much to his surprise he had found his calling. His boss loved him, and Slick quickly started to ref higher profile matches. Despite this success, his mind often wandered. He would fantasize of travelling through the stars and exploring other planets, much like in the books he read as a youth. His daydreams would be answered when an escape pod carrying a certain Elvis crash-landed into a boxing ring during a bout Slick was officiating. After getting to know each other, Slick decided to pack things up on Garth and go with Elvis back to his home of Earth.

After locating an apartment for he and Elvis to move into, Slick was able to land another referee job with Silvan Summer's boxing organization (the seventh largest in the state!) following a short period of reffing back alley chimpanzee knife fights. While Slick hopes to someday reach bigger boxing leagues and become the most renowned ref in the sport, it's a start.

Slick Monty is portrayed by Greg Janda.

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