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An observer of the lives of Elvis and Slick Monty, Tom the albino man-squirrel is a native of the alternate world of Farth. With his good friend Pépe he had laughed at the interdimensional antics of Elvis, Slick, and Doctor Leon until realizing that Mayor Richard Nixon was an incognito Gray, the old enemies of the albinos. Once Doctor Leon was abducted, he sprung into action.

Copying the design of Slick's "telepod," Tom and Pépe traveled to Earth to warn Slick of Nixon's true motives. Unfortunately this took the entire second act. By the time Tom was able to do anything, Elvis had already been abducted. The universe smiled kindly on the albino squirrels, however, as newfound politician Silvan Summers gave them the keys to his Shake it Up franchise.

They promptly changed it to a nut store.

Tom is portrayed by Chad McCanna.

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