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Trevor Littlefield

Trevor Littlefield was an aspiring young boxer in Silvan Summer's league. He had clawed his way up the ranks and had finally scored the chance of a lifetime: a heavyweight title match against Anderson Tyrone. While Littlefield was tough, he knew how fearsome of a competetor Tyrone was. This started to work on the number one contender's nerves, especially after he had witnessed Tyrone breaking the neck of an innocent stagehand. To help calm him down, a visiting Elvis gave him some pills. Actually, he gave him a couple of bottles of pills... down a funnel into his throat.

Even Doctor Leon as a shaman couldn't bring Trevor Littlefield back to the world of the living, and Elvis took over for him in the title match.

Trevor Littlefield
1980 - 2004

Trevor Littlefield is portrayed by Jon Liptak.

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