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103: A Fish Called Bananers

Original Airdate: March 21, 2005

Finally, after nearly 38 years, Elvis was going to play Las Vegas for the weekend! It was a reason to be joyous, but Elvis regretted leaving his beloved new goldfish Bananers behind. In the short time he owned the fish, Elvis had bonded with it more than a man ever really should with something in a bowl. However, he had Slick's reassurance that Bananers would be taken care of while he was gone. After all, what could possibly go wrong?

What indeed! Enter Doctor Leon, whose apartment was being fumigated due to an insect infestation. The good doctor needed a place to stay for the weekend, so he naturally turned to his upstairs neighbors. Slick was less than thrilled with the idea, so he decided to go down to Leon's apartment and inhale the toxic gases to relieve him of the misery that was sure to come. Since he was headed down there, Leon convinced him to bring up some supplies that sounded suspiciously party-oriented. When badgered by Slick, Leon reassured him that he was planning no party… or was he? It turns out that when Leon said "no party," he really meant "Noh party," a shindig with his Japanese dance drama group. Of course, Slick didn't pick up on this and went to get the Noh party supplies. As he was gone, Doctor Leon noticed Bananers' fishbowl. Thinking it was a punch bowl, Doctor Leon promptly whipped out his flask and spiked it. Uh-oh!

The next morning, Slick woke up in a daze to find the apartment trashed. After a brief skirmish with Leon, Slick was mortified by the discovery of the deceased Bananers. Realizing that Elvis would be heartbroken by the news, Slick decided the only course of action was to replace the fish with an imposter. He and Doctor Leon took off on a wild-goose chase across town, but every place was plum out of goldfish (and some of Doctor Leon's ideas weren't exactly helpful, including going into his gas-filled apartment to grab some frozen fish sticks as a replacement). Finally, they arrived at Elliot Wong's Heavy Pet-ting, where the pirate pet store owner sold them the last available goldfish in town for a hefty three hundred U.S. dollars.

Bringing fake Bananers home (or as Doctor Leon coined him, Fananers), everything seemed to be fine. Slick had the apartment cleaned the next day and all was ready for Elvis' return. That darn Leon just couldn't help himself though, and ended up swallowing Fananers (why? We don't know). Slick freaked out as he always does, punched Leon, and as Elvis came up the outside hallway to the apartment, Slick came up with a desperate last minute plan… he stuck Leon's hand in the fishbowl!

Elvis was happy to see his "fish" happy and healthy, while Leon began an uncomfortable new chapter in his life.


Erik Klein as Elvis
Greg Janda as S'Larik del Monte (Slick Monty)
Branden Finney as Doctor Leon

Chris Yong as Elliot Wong
Matthew Muhl as Ron the Farmer
Mariola Schmid as Diane Buttercup

Executive Producers .... Chad McCanna and Hyle Russell
Created by .... Hyle Russell and Chad McCanna
Faculty Advisor .... Phyllis Slocum
Director .... Chad McCanna
Head Writer .... Hyle Russell
Additional Writing .... Chad McCanna
Camera .... Jeff Stebbins and Chad McCanna
Boom Operator .... Erik Klein and Casey Young
Editor .... Chad McCanna
"A Friend at the End" Vocals .... Cederick Johnson
Special Thanks .... Fish & Chirps Pet Store
Apartment Provided by .... CityParc Apartments

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