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104: Elvis' Song

Original Airdate: September 5, 2005

Thursday: For Elvis and Slick, it was nothing but the usual coffee beverages at The Wonder Weiner Hotdog Coffee Comic Book Shop until lunchtime karaoke started! Slick was convinced that Elvis needed to go up on stage and show the sparsely-populated restaurant his singing skills, and after some cajoling (and forgetting basic bodily functions), Elvis complied. Performing one of his lesser known hits from back in the day, I Feel Like Loving You (All Night), Elvis proved he could still be a crowd pleaser. So much so, in fact, that he drew the attention of another patron there: Sir Donny Q. Donderly of Bloodshire Recording. Sir Donny thought Elvis was one of the finest talents he had ever come across, and rebranded him Melungeon Fudge. Giving him an invitation to the recording studio the next day, it looked like Elvis finally had a music contract in sight... until he sneezed. For you see, Elvis had drank from the gas pump earlier in the day and contracted a fuel-based flu virus.

That night, Elvis was now fully suffering from his virus, and even Slick's soup wasn't doing the trick. Enter Doctor Leon, who had picked up some bananer-flavored cough syrup before coming home. Elvis felt loads better after a sip, and so he went to bed to get some rest. Little did he know that his life was about to be dominated by the very thing that was to allievate him...

Friday: Elvis arrived at Bloodshire Recording, much to the delight of Sir Donny. After jamming out an incredible demo, Sir Donny promised Melungeon Fudge that he'd be sending it to Roger von Bloodshire posthaste. Yes, things were looking up, but Sir Donny wasn't aware that Elvis was now sipping more frequently from the bananer-flavored cough syrup. But if he was already feeling better... uh oh!

Saturday: Diane showed up at Elvis and Slick's apartment for her date to the Retarded Rodeo, but Elvis was nowhere in sight. Slick told her to wait for him, as he headed out to an art show. Elvis showed up only seconds later in a syrupy haze, rambling to Diane about his need to steal the blood of God. Diane didn't understand at first, until she put together the pieces: Elvis was still taking the syrup! He was on drugs! After slapping her man in the non-kinky way, Elvis wandered away. Slick returned just then, after forgetting his sunglasses, and saw that Diane was in tears. Upon inquiring, Diane told him everything, but Slick refused to believe it. How could Elvis be on drugs? He had gotten off that stuff after he was abducted! Diane left in a tiff, and just then the phone rang. It was Sir Donny, requesting Elvis' presence at the recording studio the next evening to meet Roger von Bloodshire. Slick was enthusiastic for his friend, but Diane's words loomed in the back of his mind.

Sunday: It was time to go, but Elvis was sound asleep on his bed. Slick came in to wake him, but Elvis was even more confused than normal. Wasn't it still Saturday? Didn't he have a date with Diane to go to the Retarded Rodeo? He wasn't prepared to go to the recording studio! He had so much to do! There was no time! There was never any time! It would be okay though, because he just required a little of the bananer-flavored cough syrup to get him by. Slick was shocked. The bananer-flavored cough syrup? He didn't stop taking it! He was on drugs! Elvis claimed he needed it. As they fought over it, Slick was able to pry it from Elvis' hands as he was lamenting how shook up he was... and then how scared he felt. Slick calmed him by reminding him that they've been scared before, like that time they rode home on their bikes in the dark after seeing National Treasure starring Nicholas Cage.

At Bloodshire Recording, Lord Roger was growing impatient. Sir Donny tried to assure him that Melungeon Fudge would be there, but instead Slick arrived to introduce the act. The only problem? It wasn't the real Melungeon Fudge! No, it was Doctor Leon, who, despite the instrumental backing of I Feel Like Loving You (All Night) playing, decided to break out his own improved tune, Spicy In Your Eye. This led to the faux-Melungeon somehow grabbing Lord Roger by his facial cheeks and frenching him deeply. Needless to say, Melungeon Fudge didn't get the recording contract. Elvis arrived minutes too late to explain that he was too much of a junky monkey to have performed, and an irate Sir Donny stabbed himself to death in protest. Elvis had apologized to all except Diane, who luckily knew the directions to Bloodshire Recording herself. With everyone now firmly aware of the dangers of drug use, Slick took it as the perfect time to reveal that he had become addicted to bananer-flavored cough syrup too. Here we go again!


Erik Klein as Elvis
Greg Janda as S'Larik del Monte (Slick Monty)
Branden Finney as Doctor Leon

Mariola Schmid as Diane Buttercup
Matthew Muhl as Sir Donny Q. Donderly
Zack Beseda as Lord Roger von Bloodshire

Executive Producers .... Chad McCanna and Hyle Russell
Created by .... Hyle Russell and Chad McCanna
Faculty Advisor .... Phyllis Slocum
Director .... Chad McCanna
Head Writer .... Hyle Russell
Additional Writing .... Chad McCanna
Camera .... Chad McCanna
Boom Operator .... Off-Screen Cast Members
Editor .... Chad McCanna
"A Friend at the End" Vocals .... Cederick Johnson
Special Thanks .... CityParc Apartments, The Syndicate, UNT Audio Editing Lab
Apartment Provided by .... CityParc Apartments

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