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202: All Shaked Up

Original Airdate: March 20, 2006

At Silvan Summers Boxing, Elvis was busy getting the hang of his new job as vice president when Slick came in to check up on him. Taken aback by the vitriol spewing from his mouth towards the person he was reciprocating with over the phone, Slick remained present until Elvis hung up. After questioning Elvis about the call, he told Slick that someone was trying to syndicate Silvan Summers Boxing so he had to put them in their place. This, as it turned out, was a horrible misunderstanding that only a dictionary could cause (and alternately solve). Another phone call interrupted the confusion: It was Mr. Summers. As it turned out, he was in prison following a misunderstanding of his own in the Texas Stadium restroom. Once in a holding cell, the police uncovered a shocking secret of his past: He assassinated John F. Kennedy. Since he would be behind bars for the foreseeable future, Mr. Summers had no choice but to have Elvis run the company until he was out. "Don't be afraid to take Silvan Summers Boxing and put your own touch on it. Improve it, you know. Uh, change it too. Shake it up."

So Elvis sold the company to Shake it Up LLC, a national chain of milkshake restaurants.

The next day, after discovering this little business deal, Slick was furious. He was a proud boxing referee, and now his job was stripped from him because his roommate didn't know that the word shake had more than one meaning. Even worse, there was to be a pay-per-view boxing event in less than two weeks and there was now no boxing ring with which to have fighters slug it out in. This raised the ire of Crawfish Cable, provider of the events, and Kathleenna Gin, its entertainment director. Elvis did his best to assuage her fears by telling her that instead of boxing, they could broadcast employees serving milkshakes to customers for two hours. She was not eased by this, but Elvis didn't care. He believed in milkshakes to the point where he was beginning to suffer from dementia.

The night of the pay-per-view, Elvis had gathered Slick (pissed off as usual), Joey Bagwell (who was fearful of being harmed by his erratic, demanding new boss), Anderson Tyrone (who was making a habit of pooping in places he shouldn't be), and Kathleenna Gin as an observer. All seemed to be going according to his plan, but then the stagehand only known as Random Stagehand ran in to tell them some exciting news: A Wal-Malt was being built across the street! Wal-Malt was well-known for their cheap malt milkshakes, which came at the price of driving all of their smaller competition out of business. By selling Silvan Summers Boxing to Shake it Up, Elvis had doomed them all. Even some insincere words of comfort from Slick couldn't his newfound depression, but there was no time to mope. The pay-per-view was starting!

Piggles the Waiter strolled in, deciding to partake in a fine chocolate milkshake. Anderson Tyrone served him the one he had defecated in, causing Piggles to spit it out. Demanding another be made for him, Slick tried to patch up the ugly situation by giving him a vanilla one instead. Unfortunately, Piggles was still not satisfied. Furious at the uncooperative customer, Tyrone chucked the vanilla milkshake glass at his head. Piggles proved to be a nimble fellow, however, and ducked the flying shake before it hit Elvis instead. Knocking him as cold as it was itself, the milkshake had just rendered the heavyweight champion unconscious. Kathleenna got the bright idea for Slick to count him out and declare the milkshake winner of a boxing match. Slick obliged her, and thus milkshake boxing was born. The audiences loved it, proving to everyone at Silvan Summers Boxing/Shake it Up that they could have their boxing and drink it too.

The celebrations were short-lived when Mr. Summers suddenly returned. He told them all that Mayor Nixon (who had been responsible all those years ago for coercing him into killing JFK) had arranged for his release, putting the evidence of his crime on the mob instead. Slick wondered aloud if the mob would take offense. He needn't have waited long for an answer. Oliv Gardino, a mob hitman, arrived to take care of Silvan Summers in violent retribution. Luckily, the only one who ended up getting shot was Joey.

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Banks Lee as Elvis
Greg Janda as S'Larik del Monte (Slick Monty)
Jeff Stebbins as Silvan Summers

Mark Moseley as Joey Bagwell
Matthew Muhl as Anderson Tyrone and Oliv Gardino
Liz Bryant as Kathleenna Gin
Jimmy McCoy as Piggles the Waiter
Chad McCanna as Richard Nixon and Random Stagehand
Phyllis Slocum as Weather Channel Anchor
Dan Grunewald as Officer Murtagh Boklovah

Executive Producers .... Chad McCanna and Hyle Russell
Created by .... Hyle Russell and Chad McCanna
Faculty Advisor .... Phyllis Slocum
Director .... Chad McCanna
Head Writer .... Hyle Russell
Additional Writing .... Chad McCanna
Camera .... Chad McCanna, Matt Gibson, and Dan Grunewald
Boom Operator / PA .... Matt Gibson
Editor .... Chad McCanna
"A Friend at the End" Composed and Performed by .... Eric Lambert
Original Score .... Eric Lambert
Special Thanks .... Phyllis Slocum, UNT Theatre Department

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